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KamoShika Fermentation Kyoto

【Mar.23,2024】Online Workshop(in English):"Nuka-doko"(fermented rice bran bed)

【Mar.23,2024】Online Workshop(in English):"Nuka-doko"(fermented rice bran bed)

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This workshop caters to those intrigued 
by Japanese food culture and fermented foods. 
Dive into the tradition of "Rice bran pickle,"
where vegetables ferment in a mix of 
rice bran and salt, fostering a diverse 
microbial community. 

Highlights include:
- Crafting, using, and maintaining a rice bran bed
- Introduction to basic Japanese pickles
- Brief lecture on rice bran pickles
 (definition, fermentation principles, care methods)
- Q&A session

The course fee is ¥8,000 JPY, 
with a 1-month playback recording offered.
Join us for a flavorful journey into the world of fermentation!

Date: March 23, 2024 (Saturday)
Time: 15:30–17:00 (JP time GMT+9)
Course Fee: ¥8,000 JPY
Lecturer: Ms. Megumi Seki, 
Representative Director of 
Hakkou shoukdou Kamoshika Co., Ltd.
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