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Koji Natto 320g

Koji Natto 320g

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Koji natto is a side dish containing malt and natto, and some vegetable.


<How’s the taste?>

Natto is further fermented with koji, increasing its sweetness and flavor.

The unique natto odor disappears during the fermentation process.

You can eat it in a variety of ways as a side dish, contains carefully selected soy sauce, carrots and kelp. We do not use any artificial additives.


<How to eat? >

  • Just eat as it is
  • To make it warm by using microwave or in the pan.


Voice of loyal user

I can not stop eating rice with Koji-Natto. It also goes well with alcohol. And I end up eating too much.

It is very tasty with fried tofu

It has a familiar taste and goes wonders with both rice and bread. Yet, it has a new sensation of deliciousness that you won't find anywhere else.

It has no stickiness or odor like natto. I don't like natto, but this is delicious! I thought.

I can eat this easily even when I don't have an appetite. It's safe because it's nutritionally balanced.

My daughter used to be prone to constipation, but after she started eating koji natto every day, she started feeling better.



About the ingredients

The two main ingredients for koji natto are ``natto'' and ``raw koji.''

Natto is "Small Natto" from Fujiwara Foods in Kyoto.

We use raw koji from qotoriya and Kato Miso, who make handmade rice koji in Kyoto.

We use soy sauce, mirin, carrots, and kelp that can be seen by the producers.

What is most important to us is that each item is handmade in our manufacturing laboratory.




How long can I keep it after opening?

About one week in the refrigerator.


How should I store it after opening?

Since it is not a zipper bag, it is easier to use if you transfer it to a storage container with a lid.


Is it okay at room temperature?

The 1-serving mini size can be kept at room temperature for 1 to 2 days. It can be used at work, outdoors, or as a souvenir.


Can it be frozen

It can also be frozen. The texture and flavor may change slightly.


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